攝影-啟發的工具 (下)       A Project with Asia Society Hong Kong (Part 2)


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一個星期很快就過了。九月十七、十八日可以說是充滿挑戰的拍攝日子。各組員到達香港亞洲協會場地後,攝影師們第一時間選擇及分配各組所需的相機及鏡頭。今次 PhaseOne 借出的器材可以用絕不簡單本形容。

A week has passed.  Our photographers started their photo session selecting their PhaseOne camera and lenses after checked in at Asia Society (ASHK) Hong Kong.


簡簡單單枱面上已放了百多萬的相機和鏡頭以供今次拍攝之用。 Worth over one Million Hong Kong dollars worth of PhaseOne Camera and lenses for our teams to visualise their ideas


各位攝影師正在溫故知新,好在有輝哥教路。Thank you Mr. Fai Chan again for helping us out with all the technical detail.


Besides recapturing the operation of the advance camera system, participants also have to finalised the concept of their photographs with their photographer.

各組成員再次熟習一下 PhaseOne 相機的使用程序

各組成員再次熟習一下 PhaseOne 相機的使用程序! After revisiting the functions of the PhaseOne camera, the teams are now all set!!

攝影師和視障組員正在透過溝通及討論落實拍攝方向。Photographer and his team members discussing both concept and technique.

攝影師和視障組員正在透過溝通及討論落實拍攝方向。Photographer and his team members discussing both concept and technique.

攝影師趁時間尚早再次向組員解述相機操作及原理。All Participants tested their equipment before heading out for their session.

傳媒也趁機會抓拍一下現場情況 (左下角)。Media came to cover our project as well (lower left corner).


Our photographers seized the last moment to explain as much as possible the logistic of taking photographs.


部分視障參加者其實也有相當的攝影經驗。In fact some of our visually impaired participants had experience in visualised their concept and idea with photography before.

部分視障參加者其實也有相當的攝影經驗。In fact some of our visually impaired participants had experience in visualised their concept and idea with photography before.

出發時每一組都充滿信心能夠達到預期效果!All teams were set and ready to go on schedule.

出發時每一組都充滿信心能夠達到預期效果!All of the teams were set and determined to capture their desired images.


During the two photo sessions, photographers and their visually impaired teammates have tried their best to ensure the concepts they have developed were embedded within their masterpieces.


我們的視障朋友都要求甚高,務求達到最接近構思中的效果!One of our Visually Impaired participants carefully chooses his camera position with his limited vision.


我們最年輕的參加者正在細心聆聽攝影師講解相機的操作及原理。Our youngest participant learned so much in photography within a day!


每個人心裏都有一棵小孩的心!Work for fun!


準確的語言表達是一件十分艱難的技術,幸好攝影師們早前都受過訓練!This is the moment for our photographers to perform their trained ‘verbal expression’ technique!


初接觸中幅度相機的視障朋友起初對其操作都有點摸不著頭腦!Most participants found the medium format camera a bit of difficult to use at first!


要用影像去表達即時的感覺是一項挑戰!First impression is very important for any creative process.


各自表述!For sure it is not a point-and-shoot creative process!


集體創作!Definitely team work!


在黑暗中採訪!Interview in the dark!


一 shot 過!All within one exposure!


他們構思及拍攝工序特別有趣,作品也將會是與別不同!A special team working on different approach. Stay tune for their end result!


星球大戰?Star war at Asia Society?


After the two intensive days of shooting, teammates were gathered at their team photographer’s studio to work on the post production process.  For those who cannot come, tele-conference ware made for discussions.


通過電話與視障隊員溝通後製過程。Exchange of ideas on the post production through telephone conference with the visually impaired participant.


電腦軟件的應用可幫助大家作出不同的嘗試。 One of the advantages of using digital photography is the flexibility of experimenting different effect without much hesitation.


不斷嘗試!Keep trying!


可以說是最特別的一組。This group almost turn the image into another art form!


想不通他們在做什麼?請到場參觀,自有分解!Come to our exhibition and experience the images yourself!


某程度上視障的朋友比一般人較為敏感!Our visually impaired participants may ‘see’ more than a normal person.


細心分析,再作決定!Think hard!


從基本學起!Learning hard!


任何時間都正在吸收學習!First thing is to familiar with the software.

至於拍攝出來的作品,大家可於十月二十九日至十一月十六日到石硤尾賽馬會創意藝術中心欣賞!十一月六日上、下午將會由 ADAAsia Society 安排的導賞及分享講座。

要總結這項目其實有點困難,因為在香港沒有做過相類似的組合 (只有視障攝影師獨自創作) 所以一切都只是在播種階段。當中是否完美呢?我可以肯定地說,還有很長的路要走。不一定是我去走,任何有心想融合不同人士創意的朋友都可以承接這概念去發揮!任何事情結並不一定最重要,能產生啟發作用才可伸延下去!

The art pieces will be exhibiting at JCCAC Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre at Shek Kip Mei starting from Oct 29 to Nov 16.  There will be guided tours on Nov 6 organise by the ADA and Asia Society in the morning and the afternoon.  Photographers and our visually impaired participants will be there to share with visitors their experience of the project.

There is no conclusion about the result of this project as there is no comparison of similar arrangement happen in Hong Kong before.  Room for improvement for sure, but I would see this project as an inspiration to anyone who would like to combine creative talents from all aspects.  And I am looking forward on this…

Thank you all for reading my limited English writing and please feel free to let me know your thoughts and ideas!



Thank you to my friends who provide everything to make this project come true:

Ms. Helen Chen, Ms. Winsome Tam, Ms. Pauline Wong, Ms. Cassandra O’Brien and friends at ASHK

Ms. Lena Lee, Mr. Edmond Chan, Ms. Cecilia Leung, Ivan (my VI friend) and friends at ADAHK

Mr. Gary Wong, Ms. Shane Chan, Ms. Hippo Chan and especially Mr. Fai Chan 輝哥 at PhaseOne

Mr. Sun Lau from Epson HK

Miss Monica Tam, Mr. Stephen Cheung, Mr. Oswald Cheung, Mr. Tim Lau, Mr. Dennis Fung, Ms. Kitty Chou, Mr. Michael Lau, Mr. David Lo, Mr. Dick Lau and Mr. Bowman Poon my photographer friends

Siu Ping Pak, Erica Keung, Edward Lam and Sally Yeung our assistants / volunteers

And Mr. David Young who introduce me to ASHK


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