Bruce Davidson 的八十年代紐約地鐵情懷!

Magnum Photo 的 Bruce Davidson 八十年代的作品。其中充滿當時紐約的濃厚色彩,大家可以欣賞到一位原本拍攝黑白照片的攝影師為了突顯題材的風味而改變自己的拍攝習慣!


TateShots: Bruce Davidson’s Subway from Tate on Vimeo.


7 thoughts on “Bruce Davidson 的八十年代紐約地鐵情懷!

  1. Edas's pictures are very interesting. He is sensitive to essential elements of a "larger-than-life(and strong) picture". To me, he can look at the usual H.K. from an outsider's point of view. Cool pictures!

  2. Thanks for your great comment/suggestion. I never think about this: without printing, it is just an image, not photo.

  3. Thanks for the video. Interesting.

    I need to spend almost 2hr in MTR every 2nd day. The best way to "kill" time is to take photo:

    • Hi Edas,
      Thank you very much for sharing your photo links.
      Very inspiring images! I can see that you have experiment a bit with your black and white images. I would like to ask if you make output from your image files? I always encourage fellow photographers to print out their work. It is because without a print out, your work is just an image, it only become a photograph until we look at the art piece in the size the creator have in their mind when they pressed the shutter button. That is why I have found images of Henrie Cartier Bresson's never look right in poster or larger sizes!
      Thank you again.


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